A Review of Five Popular Dairy Free Chocolate Brands

Did you know that between 30 and 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant? That’s why dairy free products take a special niche in the production of food today. There’s nothing difficult in eating deliciously without milk. The following 5 brands of dairy free chocolate are a proof. There’s such a thing as vegan chocolate and you even have a full range of products to choose from.

  1. Enjoy Life Rice Milk Chocolate Bars
    Enjoy Life Rice Milk Chocolate
    A great vegan alternative. It would be highly appreciated by those who are lactose intolerant but can’t imagine their lives without chocolate. It’s possible to recognize that it’s made of rice milk. However, its relatively low price makes it a good choice.
  2. Endangered Species Chocolate Bars
    Endangered Species Chocolate
    This one contains up to 43% of cocoa which is quite a lot. It uses dry powder as a substitute of milk and if you’re an expert, you may feel it. It may also take you some time to get used to this bar and to develop a taste to it, but it’s 100% worth it.
  3. Premium Chocolatiers Boxed Chocolates
    Premium Chocolatiers Boxed
    Though this one is different from the previous reviews, with its rich but not too dark taste it deserves to be on the list. These dairy free chocolates will indulge chocolate lovers of all types, as there is no liquor or any other harmful adult tastes.
  4. Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate
    Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate
    It’s just right for you if you desire something very dark. The 70% of cocoa make this one very dark but certified vegetarian at the same time. Most reviewers agree that the milk substitute can hardly be detected.
  5. Chocolate Inspirations’ Artisan Vegan Espresso Bar
    Chocolate Inspirations Artisan Vegan Espresso
    Importantly Chocolate Inspirations specialize in creating most tempting flavors for vegans. There’s a cinnamon toffee, vegan caramel, peanut butter pillows. It can’t leave anyone indifferent. It can be a kind of compensation of all the hardships and deprivations you’ve had since you’ve gone dairy free.