All You Need to Know to Choose Dairy Free Protein Powder

People who recently decided to go dairy free can worry about protein. However, the good news is that milk is not the only source of protein. Here’s what you need to know to choose dairy free protein powder.

Dairy Free Protein Powder

Major Sources of Protein

The two major types of protein used in protein powders include animal and vegetable sources. The animal source proteins are derived from:

  • whey,
  • casein,
  • beef,
  • eggs.

It means that the two latter types can be great for you if your choice is not vegetarian but a dairy free diet.
As to the plant sources of protein, the best known types include:

  • rice,
  • soy,
  • pea,
  • hemp
  • sprouted grain.

Nutritionally, animal proteins are considered to be superior to the vegetable ones. However, some people choose vegetable sources not only as a part of their vegetarian diets, but also due to allergies, milk intolerance or even the vegetables valuable properties, such as balancing hormones, for example.

Best Known Brands of Protein Powders

Protein powders are a huge food category with many choices. Different brands offer various types and flavors of protein powders. Here go only a few of the most popular ones:

MRM Veggie Elite
MRM Veggie Elite claims to be the first plant-based protein powder that can rival whey. Derived from peas, this product offers great benefits, including bone growth and development as well as improved physical exertion. It’s ideal for athletes as well as anyone who sticks to a veggie diet.
Vega One Vega One is made of whole food ingredients and it’s free of lactose and soy. It contains no sugar or any artificial flavors or sweeteners.
Sun Warrior Protein
Sun Warrior Protein is made of raw and fully vegan ingredients. Derived from brown whole grain rice, this protein powder is rich in vitamins and it helps improve metabolism and achieve weight goals.
S.A.N. Rawfusion combines pea, rice and artichoke protein isolates. This formula rivals milk in terms of its amino acid profile.
Nutrafusion Nutritionals PlantFusion is a plant-based protein supplement. Its amino acid content is comparable to that of whey protein, but it’s free of any allergenes, contained in milk, eggs or soy.