Which Dairy Free Milk Is Best in Coffee and Tea?

A substantial amount of studies claim that humans, just like all other mammals, are not meant to consume milk (and especially milk of other species) beyond infancy. Therefore, milk intolerance is a quite common and natural phenomenon. This, however, does not mean that you have no other choice but to have your coffee black. This post is here to answer your question which dairy free milk is best in coffee and which dairy free milk is best in tea.

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Soy vs. Coconut vs. Almond Milk

Which Milk Is Right for You? Soy vs. Coconut vs. Almond Milk

Did you know that 75% of the world’s population is unable to digest milk? Actually, there’s an opinion that those who cannot digest milk should be referred to as normal. The minority who can should be called ‘lactase persistent’. When you decide to go dairy free, you may want to pick a nice lactose free substitute. But which milk is right for you? Soy? Coconut? Or maybe, almond? It’s your choice.

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Dairy Free Products

Where to Buy Dairy Free Products: Top 10 Online Stores

You may have many reasons for going dairy free. A decision to stick to a plant-based diet can result from ethical principles or lactose intolerance. No matter what your personal motivation is, your life can be much easier if you know where to buy dairy free products and which brands to choose. Simple Steps to Buy Foods without Milk All of a sudden, it may seem that milk is in nearly all your favorite foods. However, today’s stores offer a…

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