Where to Buy Dairy Free Products: Top 10 Online Stores

You may have many reasons for going dairy free. A decision to stick to a plant-based diet can result from ethical principles or lactose intolerance. No matter what your personal motivation is, your life can be much easier if you know where to buy dairy free products and which brands to choose.

Dairy Free Products

Simple Steps to Buy Foods without Milk

All of a sudden, it may seem that milk is in nearly all your favorite foods. However, today’s stores offer a variety of decent substitutes. All you need to do to avoid the unpleasant misunderstanding or even serious health consequences (in case of intolerance and allergies) are the following steps:

  • make no dairy shopping lists;
  • check food label info;
  • learn where dairy ingredients can hide – print a table of obvious and hidden dairy ingredients;
  • choose trusted brands;
  • visit specialty stores;
  • shop online.

Top Ten Trusted Online Stores

Whereas you can look for dairy free products in your local stores, for some areas online retailers are the best solution. Among all the available stores, the following stand out and deserve your attention:

  1. Amazon.com: Dairy Free: Grocery & Gourmet Food.
  2. GoodnessDirect
  3. Natural Zing will save you if you’re wondering where to buy dairy free ice-cream.
  4. The Gluten Free Shoppe
  5. Shoporganic.com is what you need whenever you ask yourself where to buy dairy free yogurt.
  6. The Gluten Free Mall
  7. The Pangea Vegan Store is for those of you who ask where to buy dairy free chocolate.
  8. Peanutfreeplanet
  9. Undiscovered Kitchen
  10. Vegan Essentials – is the answer to the question where to buy dairy free cheese.

Printable for Dairy Free Shopping

Print out the following table to avoid the traps of confusing food labeling and choose the best brands:

Hidden sources of dairy Best brands
Caseinates (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and ammonium)
Rennet casein
Simply Organic
Simply Protein
Hail Merry
Dr. Praegers
Katefarms Functional whole foods
Enjoy life
Go Max Go
Growing naturals