Which Dairy Free Milk Is Best in Coffee and Tea?

A substantial amount of studies claim that humans, just like all other mammals, are not meant to consume milk (and especially milk of other species) beyond infancy. Therefore, milk intolerance is a quite common and natural phenomenon. This, however, does not mean that you have no other choice but to have your coffee black. This post is here to answer your question which dairy free milk is best in coffee and which dairy free milk is best in tea.


The biggest problem with the dairy free milk alternatives is their shameless separating from coffee. Most options also leave an unpleasant fatty after-taste. Those who love the creamy taste and texture of milked coffee and tea have to choose from a wide assortment available in the market. Sorry for disappointing you, but quite a lot of them would not be good enough.

That’s why the following tried and tested brands recommended by thousands of clients can be a valuable discovery for you.

So, today we nominate… the So Delicious coconut milk. Its greatest advantage is the absence of after-taste and amazing texture. If it is possible to use dairy free milk without separating it from coffee, it is with this product. The taste is different from traditional cow milk, but the flavor is amazing and it is in some way even better than dairy.

The second nominee of this post is MimicCreme coffee creamer. If you ever see it on a shelf in a supermarket, grab it without any doubts. Clients hunt on it and though this product is not dairy free milk in its form, but a creamer, it is hard to imagine a better alternative.

What are your favorite milk alternatives in coffee and tea?